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A odd commercial publicity of the 1986 television of la Cote D'ivoire
it's in French, but you don't absolutely need to understand the words to
laughs about that one, but I have to admit, it's evens more odd when you
understands what he is saying
( commercial publicity )

I think I should put some kinda parental advisory for the language
used in that one... but who cares, it would just be censorship.
anyway... but i prefer warn you. It's an other funny commercial publicity
that give you somes arguments to go learn English... well at least for those
that can't understand the basic of it
( commercial publicity )

That guy realize the mistakes he made just after he got married
( commercial publicity )

Humm... the chocolate bar that will give you the strenght,
but not neceseraly the inteligence =0p
( parody )

Humm, the pill that will bring you some help for your push-up!
( commercial publicity )

How helpfull a high resolution buble jet printer could be for your cat?
( commercial publicity )

Just look at it... it's hard to describe it whitout selling the punch
( commercial publicity )

from Fiat

That's what I call basketball accuracy!
( amateur filming )

The OUTCH section:

humm, what could I say, a gymnastic jump, a wrong step...
Outch... that's gonna hurt!

A pizza deliver that will not delivry the pizza in the 30 minutes delay but,
I think he has a quite good excuse to be late for this time...
( not a true scene, montage )


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